Cornerstone Christian Church of Jacksonville

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Jacksonville,FL 32206
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The Pastor’s Corner

Hello, Do you know what your purpose in life is? Do you really know whether you are a Christian? Are you serving the Lord as you should according to his Word? Well, these are a few questions we are exploring in my series “The purpose of the church”. We Christians sometimes tend to get caught up in serving in our respective ministries and forget why are we serving or whether we are serving the correct way? Well in this series which is from the books of ACTS, it tells us about the start of the church and what it’s purpose was and still is today. We are reminded that the church is the people of God, not the buildings in which we worship. In all that we do for God, know what your purpose in serving God is. Don’t just take the position that I have done good as God wanted me to do, believe that you have done good because it is who you are and not just what you do. Again I ask, “What is your purpose in life”. If you would like to further explore that with us you can join us on this site or visit us in our service.

Pastor Fred Calvy